by ruggedseo
Academic & Nonfiction

I copyedit books, articles, and citations for
publishers and individual scholars in the humanities.


About Me

I am a skilled and experienced copyeditor with a PhD in communication studies. I have lived, studied, and worked in various interesting places. I spend too much time on my computer.

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Editing Services

I work with publishers and authors, primarily those publishing academic work in the humanities. I copyedit full-length manuscripts, journal articles, and citations and reference lists.

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Recent Projects

I have copyedited books and articles on children’s television, civil wars, environmental history, ethnic jokes, Indigenous literatures, and online surveillance, among other topics.

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Your research and hard work deserve a professional copyeditor.

Why hire me?

There are plenty of copyeditors for you to choose from. Here are some reasons for choosing me:

  • I have an academic background – I’ve been where you are.
  • I have a lot of editing experience with scholarly writing.
  • I understand the peer-review and publishing processes.
  • I provide an accurate quote before taking on a job.
  • I am available to clients throughout the copyedit.
  • I am enthusiastic about and excellent at what I do.

Frequently asked questions

Either is OK. I follow Chicago style in spelling “copyeditor” as one word. But if you prefer Merriam-Webster’s, you can call me a copy editor. Or even a copy-editor.

Not exactly. Every project (and every writer) is different, so looking at someone else’s revisions probably won’t help you. But we can talk about me editing a sample of your work.

Send me an email telling me about your project (including its word count) and your time frame. We’ll take it from there.

The total cost depends on the level of copyediting required, the length of your manuscript, the number of citations, and other factors. I can provide an estimate for you before we agree to work together.

Probably not, but it’s possible. I generally ask that clients contact me at least a few weeks in advance of needing my services, but I try to accommodate last-minute projects if I can. Just ask.

I belong to these professional organizations:

American Copy Editors Society

Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island

Editors’ Association of Canada

editorial freelancers association - copyeditors

Editorial Freelancers Association

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Let’s work together to polish your manuscript on its way to publication.

I’m looking forward to hearing about your project.
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