Professional copyediting pays off

Manuscript Editing

Professional copyediting pays off

Manuscript Editing

by ruggedseo

Journal articles and book manuscripts – both for authors and for publishers – comprise most of the copyediting work I do.

Are you submitting (or resubmitting) an article to a journal?

If so, good for you! You’ve done the research and the writing, and those are the toughest parts of the process. Hiring a copyeditor is particularly smart when submitting to a journal. Every journal has its own guidelines for authors, including style guidelines; these pertain to spelling (US or UK?), punctuation (serial comma?), and many other elements that must be correct and consistent throughout the manuscript. This is where I come in – you’ve created the content, and now I’ll revise it for grammar, sentence structure, and so on, while also making sure it adheres to the required style.

Have you been asked by a reviewer or editor to hire a copyeditor?

No problem. Not every brilliant academic is a brilliant writer. Not every author publishes in his or her native language. Again, you have done the research, and you know what you want to say. I will work with you to ensure that your writing is clear, concise, and grammatically correct – and still in your own voice.

Does academic writing require a specialized (academic) copyeditor?

I believe it does, for a few reasons. First, there are certain conventions and standards that are unique to scholarly writing. The more familiar and experienced an editor is, particularly within your field of research, the better. Second, an editor with an academic background knows what you’re going through and knows what it takes to succeed. I’ve been through the peer-review process as an author; I’ve also been employed in the middle of it, as an editorial assistant for an Elsevier journal.

I respect the time and hard work that goes into scholarly writing. I’ve been there myself.

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